"Poison ivy — poisonous and native to the eastern US — is found everywhere, along roads, scrambling over walls or up trees, at the seashore within reach of salt spray and in the best of gardens." -Donald Wyman, Wyman's Gardening Encyclopedia.

The articles in the list below have been helpful in understanding the poison ivy challenge. Perhaps you'll find some "Ah-ha" moments by reading them over yourself. I also would like to clarify that I have chosen to focus on one specific species of Toxicodendron, namely climbing poison ivy. I realize that the genus Toxicodendron grows North America-wide, and in many ecological environments. Perhaps the specific plant you are interested in is not climbing poison ivy, so I offer the following links as a guide towards helping you in your particular search.

If you have any favorite poison ivy articles not listed here, I would be grateful to have a link to useful poison ivy information. If you wish to send me any links, please include a brief description of the article including author and title, as well as the type of poison ivy discussed.

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