You need the service of the "Poison Ivy Horticulturist" if you are:

  • Nesting mother-to-be, shaping your environment
  • Families with toddlers and small children
  • Mothers of the bride, sprucing up the yard for an outdoor reception
  • Spouses whose partner has been to the emergency room for poison ivy rashes two times or more
  • Backyard athletes or gardeners
  • Birdfeeder enthusiasts
  • Folks who have a service dog companion

You need the help of someone who can figure out your poison ivy challenge when:

  • You were ambushed by a wicked rash and don't know where you got it
  • You're too aware of that bully poison ivy to move freely around your property
  • The pain is just too much
  • You have tried to remove the poison ivy yourself and you're not satisfied with the result
  • The dermatologist can't give you any more steroids this year
  • You love your pet but not poison ivy on the fur
  • You want to shift the risk involved in removal to someone else