“We have worked with Umar Mycka over the past three years, since I developed a severe allergy to poison ivy. My health was significantly compromised and I did not realize until we engaged his services that our entire property was infested to a degree that he said he had never seen before for its size. Applying commercial products ourselves and avoiding being in my yard did not solve the problem because my husband and son brought the oils from the plants in every time they mowed the lawn and did yard work. Regardless of our attempts to keep the oils outside, my allergic reactions did not stop. They required medication and created complications involving another medical condition I must manage.

Once we engaged Mr. Mycka, not only did he rid our entire property of the poison ivy, he also explained how new poison ivy grows in the early spring. We are now on an annual contract for him to "nip it in the bud" and I have not had an allergic episode since then. I can't tell you how grateful I am to feel healthy. I endorse Mr. Mycka wholeheartedly. He is a master in his field.

I especially appreciate his ability to make his science knowledge base with regard to poison ivy accessible to me as well as the time he takes to listen to my concerns and explain how he plans to address them.”

“Oh happy was the day when we saw an ad for The Poison Ivy Guy in the New York Times. My poor, highly allergic husband spent several miserable summers on steroids combating his poison ivy while I tried in vain to de ivy our property. When the affable and capable Umar and his team showed up in tyvek suits and pulled 34 plants that were each over 15 years old from our yard and from the neighboring properties, I understood just how futile and laughable our years of inexpert efforts had been. We have had 3 poison ivy free summers now and my husband is back playing in his garden.”

“Umar helped us with our poison ivy problem approximately two and a half years ago. I had a terrible rash on my face and body and was really suffering. He surveyed our immediate property as well as the surrounding areas where I often take walks and found that there were very old poison ivy bushes along a creek near our home. I would have thought that these were 'trees' (not poison ivy)! I now know what to avoid in my area. If there had been plants in our yard he was prepared to remove them.

I can not say enough about his professionalism and the compassionate care that I received. This is a service every one should know about!”

“Umar takes a very different approach to removing poison ivy. He takes great care in his work, and really respects the earth and the surrounding vegetation as he traces the poison ivy to its "heart root", and removes it. There is no spraying of any chemicals, it's just Umar, his tools, and the vegetation. His system is to really look, trace it through, and remove it. There is respect for the earth and gentleness with other "neutral" plants. It's a nice change to see this type of work done, rather than chemicals being used. Anyone who cares for the Earth, and cares for the life that comes from the Earth, will want to hire Umar to remove their poisonous plants because he does his work with respect for life.

Thank you for all of your help, Umar.”

“I am really thrilled with the job you did I will try to not make this too wordy.

I just bought a house and the previous owners had gardens all over the property. I am not a fan of yard work but of course I wanted to continue the great work they started. Every time I stepped into my yard I got covered in poison ivy, several times it sent me to the emergency room for treatment. Well after 2 long summers of painful rashes and trying to kill it off myself a friend recommend calling in a professional. I contacted Umar and he walked me though my yard and explained to me just how bad my situation was — I had it everywhere. Basically I had a poison ivy farm. He and his team spent two long hot days to remove over 400 lbs of poison ivy plants. They removed vines, roots and even a plant that was 40 years old. Despite the extensive job to remove and destroy the ivy they kept my gardens intact. Ever since then I have been able to work in my yard with out a tyvek suit or gloves. My gardens are looking better than ever and I have not had a single reoccurrence of skin rash. It is so wonderful to work in the yard and not worry about waking up in agony the next day.

Thanks Umar !!

You have truly given me peace of mind.”

“I truly am so pleased not to have to worry about the poison ivy.

Mr. Mycka is a consummate professional. His inspection of my property was patient and thorough. All identified plants were removed and bagged to insure that no one would come in contact with the venomous plants. It's wonderful to be able to walk barefoot in my yard and to garden without fear of the dreaded poison ivy oil!

Love, Sandy”

“When I first heard of your poison ivy removal service I was surprised to say the least! The intimidating task of liberating people from such a destructive plant was daunting. My history with the vine had never been an issue until I moved into my home. Until then I could rub the plant on my skin without as much as an itch. Then the unthinkable happened, it was ingested into my body at work and from that day on I was a victim. As gardening is one of my passions, it was inevitable that the vine and I would have a chance encounter. The reaction of just a brush of the poison is a horrible experience.

Then my knight in white Tyvek arrived (with you safely inside) and rid us of the devil. We were so grateful for the explanations you gave and the searching out and destroying mission you performed with such diligence.

Thank you for riding us of our poisonous enemy and allowing us to play outside freely again.

Best, Gail”

“What a relief not to have those poison ivy vines growing up the trees and spreading their seeds and poison throughout the yard! Umar was very friendly and courteous, and did a thorough job.”

“After 3 cases of poison ivy already this summer, I was desperate to get rid of it from our yard. In the past few years it has gotten completely out of control. Mr. Mycka took the time to walk the property with us and discussed various strategies for different areas, particularly around the pond and organic garden. We're very satisfied customers.”